How to insert the roller correctly…


Step 1 – Take down the hood
Draw back the hood by swinging movements from lower part of the tapestamp.
Step 2 – Press out roller
Fold back upper part and squeeze out empty roller from behind through the case.
Step 3 – Insert roller
Please insert roller in a way which makes it possible to engage with a “ click”.
Step 4 – Insert tape correctly
After the tape has been removed partially from roller, please put it under the grey arm through the orange clip.
Step 5 – How to position the orange clip correctly
Please reduce the sticking out part of tape by turning back the adhesive roller to about 2mm.
Step 6 – Close hood again
Click shut the upper part with the new roller and close hood again.
Step 7 The Tapestamp is ready for use again
Press down the tapestamp regularly to end.